Ceramics Made in Umbria


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The predominant objective of the project, keenly supported by the Regional Authority of Umbria, is to enhance those artisan enterprises in the Umbrian sector of ceramics which have managed to survive the global economic crisis and remain on the international market. Thus, the products in the collection attempt to exploit the skills of each company and mirror their specific traits, beginning with their historic identity and the type of products they have consolidated for the customers they deal with. Each product attempts to interpret the characteristics of the company to which it is dedicated, to make a new offer in line with the trends of the contemporary market.

The collection shows a strong return of maiolica to its functional origins. The new proposals involve various commodity sectors, including the most traditional of tableware, the more current furnishing accessories, gifts and interior and outdoor design. The articles are aimed mainly at the contract and retail market. This will not exclude but will, on the contrary, attract private, up-market buyers. A contemporary revival merges with an aesthetic celebration of an artistic tradition to give everyday excellence. As a result of this innovative approach to project design, some of the products in the collection are linked to the agriculture and food sector, which forms a major part of the Umbrian identity and economy, especially as a result of the recent trend to enhance and interpret our regional culinary traditions.


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